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ETA 4-6 WEEKS as this piece takes time to engrave.

Much anticipated. Finally, here.

A loving reminder that they are or were once here with you.

Whether it features the fingerprint of a loved one still living or one that has been lost, it becomes a talisman that ties them to you wherever you are.

How To Get Your Fingerprint

Step 1: Check that all fingers are clean and dry. We recommend using the thumb or pointer finger

Step 2: Using a pencil, scribble a square a little bigger than your fingerprint. You want to have it nice and dark. Alternatively, if you have an ink pad, you can use that to take the fingerprint impression onto a piece of paper and then take a clear photo of it and send it through to

Step 3: Rub your finger on the square until your whole fingertip is covered in the lead.

Step 4: Stick the sticky side of the sticky tape on the fingerprint and gently pull the tape away.

Step 5: Stick the tape onto a white piece of paper. You will be able to see the detail under the sticky tape. Please check that you are happy with the prints.

Step 6. Finally, email a clear image of the fingerprint to with your order number in the subject line

The machine will pick up the lines and grooves that it can engrave the best so some fingerprint images may be zoomed in and engraved onto the pendant.

The Fingerprint Necklace

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