Handwriting is very personal. Everyone has their own style and it is unique to them . Now imagine being able to carry around a piece of jewellery that contains the handwriting of someone special to you, a loved one's signature, message or your child's handwriting and keeping it close to your heart everyday. This is where we come in. You have quite a few options for this necklace. You can choose from our Ambrose Bar, Luna , Stella, Coco or Winnie  pendants. What we need from you in order to create your piece: •If you are writing the message to be engraved, please ensure that it is in black ink on a plain white piece of paper. If you have someone else's handwriting that you would like to use, please take a clear and focused photo of the writitng on a plain white background. Please email the image to us at vandmecustomdesigns@gmail.com •In order for us to be able to fit all text on the piece, we may need to shrink or alter the size of the image to make sure it fits onto the pendant. IMPORTANT: Please make sure to send a clear (and in focus) photo of your handwriting image on a light background. Our chains are 18K rose gold, white gold, gold and silver filled and our pendants/bars/charms are made from the highest quality metals with a plating thickness of 3 microns. Tarnishing/ Oxidsing is subject to the acidity of the wearers skin. We all have different skin types so chemical reactions from the plated pendants react differently to each of us, some quicker then others. Please avoid exposing your jewellery to products such as lotions. tanning products, makeup, perfume etc. The chemicals in these products can react to the metals and will cause discolouration. We recommend cleaning your pieces weekly. As our pendants are plated , they are not designed to last for years and years. They will discolour over time. Use the enclosed microfiber jewellery cloth you recieved with your order to gently wipe (not rub or wipe vigorously) over the pendants and chain to remove any dirt or dust. Please do not submerge your piece/s in water and do not wear while showering or swimming.

Handwriting/Custom Image Collection