Looking for a little some extra to your V and Me Custom Designs piece? How about adding your birthstone? The idea of birthstones have a place in many traditions, customs, and belief systems.Our birthstones are available in rose gold , white gold and silver and are crafted from 18k high quality  plated materials which are nickel and lead free and Swarovski stones. The birthstones featured below are arranged by month. January Birthstone: GarnetFebruary Birthstone: AmethystMarch Birthstone: AquamarineApril Birthstone: DiamondMay Birthstone: EmeraldJune Birthstone: AlexandriteJuly Birthstone: RubyAugust Birthstone: PeridotSeptember Birthstone: SapphireOctober Birthstone: TourmalineNovember Birthstone: CitrineDecember Birthstone: ZirconPlease let us know which piece you would like to have your birthstone added to in the text box.

Swarovski Birthstone Charms