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It’s hard when motherhood doesn’t look the way you imagined it or society makes you think it should be. Whether it’s because you’ve struggled along your path to motherhood, you’re a grieving mother, you struggled with a traumatic birth experience, are battling PD , PTSD , anxiety or any of the other ways in which motherhood can take unexpected twists and turns, I see you. It's ok that motherhood doesn’t look exactly like you thought it would,.It's OK that yoy didn't get everything done that you wanted to.To the struggling mamas, grieving mamas and to those who long to be mamas but are still waiting, I just want to let you know that I see you and  the love and bravery it takes to walk the path you’re walking. Our pieces are made with 18k rose gold, white gold and 925 sterling silver filled chains. Our pendants are crafted from rhodium , gold and rose gold high quality plated materials and are nickel and lead free . Measurments of pendants are as follows : Round pendant:15mmThe overall length of all necklaces includes the pendants as well. Styles and colours may vary according to stock*.Please choose the length carefully as we charge a remake fee should you decide to change the length. More information in our FAQs.

Motherhood Necklace

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