Have you ever really thought about the power of the words “I am”? What do YOU think of YOURSELF? What are you saying about who you are on a daily basis?

We are our own biggest critic and the co-creator of our own life.  With that freedom, we have the immense power to decide who we are and who we would like to become. “I am” is one of the most powerful statements we can make. Whatever follows “I am” starts the creation of it.

You are the only one who gets to decide on the word that comes next, after you declare “ I AM .” Choose wisely. You believe what you tell yourself.

This collection was created for those who need a gentle remind to show themselves love. Sometimes it can be hard to take time for yourself in this fast paced , busy life, but it is important to show yourself love and believe that you are enough , you are important and you are loved ❤ 

This necklace is made using a 33x5cm silver,  white gold or rose gold plated bar pendant that is nickel and lead free. The length of the necklace includes the bar. 

Text will be stamped in cursive font and right aligned.

i am collection

Pre Stamp TEXT