Our gold option for some of our pieces is finally available!
Please add this listing to your cart along with the piece or pieces you are ordering.
Please specify which piece is to be made in gold by typing the name of the piece in the box on this listing .
Our gold option is only available in the following pieces:
Ambrose Bar Necklace
Esperance Necklace
Milan Necklace
Stella Necklace
August Necklace
Camilla Necklace
Aria Necklace
Giselle Choker
Valencia Necklace
Frankie Bloom
Harlowe Mumma Bar
Eden Necklace
Eden Bracelet
Ambrose Bar Bracelet
Bonita Necklace
Valentina Necklace
Florence Bracelet
Luna Necklace
Delilah Necklace and Delilah Bracelet
Lulu Pearl Necklace
Zara Thread Through Earrings 
Our gold pendants are crafted from 18K gold plated materials of the higest quality of 3 microns and are nickel and lead free.
Our chains are gold filled.
Please be mindful of length chosen as we charge a remake fee if you have made a mistake.