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Whether through miscarriage, birth or beyond, losing a baby is a devastating experience that will no doubt stay with you for years to come.

I myself have not experienced the loss of a baby but I have many close people to me that have. I also have recieved many messages and emails over the last few months from women who have also experienced the loss of their baby or babies and wanted something to commemorate their memory but weren't sure what to choose or what to put on the pendant.

This is why I created this Angel Mama Necklace.


For the little angel/s that you’ve never met.

For the little angel/s who you wonder what they would have looked like and who they would have been if they were here with you. For the little angel/s that you’ve met briefly but could not stay.

This is for you mama.

You carried them for every second of their life and you will love them for every second of yours.

They are always with you.

Angel Mama Necklace

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