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  • How do I care for my V & Me Custom piece/s?
    Our chains are 18K rose gold, gold and silver filled and our pendants/bars/charms are made from the highest quality metals with a plating thickness of 3 microns. Gold/silver plating is a method of bonding a thin layer of liquid gold/silver onto the surface of another metal; such as sterling silver or brass, by electrochemical plating. Tarnishing/ Oxidsing is subject to the acidity of the wearers skin. We all have different skin types so chemical reactions from the plated pendants react differently to each of us, some quicker then others. Please avoid exposing your jewellery to products such as lotions. tanning products, makeup, perfume etc. The chemicals in these products can react to the metals and will cause discolouration. We recommend cleaning your pieces weekly. Tarnishing/ Discolouration is not a fault of V and Me Custom Designs nor of our suppliers. As our pendants are plated , they are not designed to last for years and years. They will discolour over time. Use the enclosed microfiber jewellery cloth you recieved with your order to gently wipe (not rub or wipe vigorously) over the pendants and chain to remove any dirt or dust. Please do not submerge your piece/s in water and do not wear while showering or swimming. Please ensure you protect your jewellery from scratches and chemicals. Enjoy your custom piece and wear it with love.
  • Can the back of pendants and bars be stamped as well?
    Yes but only our 8mm and 12mm round pendants can be stamped on both sides. We stamp each pendant with a hammer made for this kind of metal stamping so small marks or indentments will appear on the back of our bar and larger 15mm and 19 mm pendants and bars.
  • Can I change the length of my chain after I have recieved it?
    Yes we can change the length of your necklace . You will need to post it back to us and include a replied paid envelope with tracking. The cost of a new chain is $15. Please contact us if you would like to change length of your chain.
  • Can I order a chain length not listed on your site?
    Yes, you can order a custom length to suit your needs. Please let us know in the additional note box the length you would like in cms.
  • How long does it take for my piece to be made?
    Making time currently is 10 days as each piece is made and assembled by hand in our home studio. Once your item has been dispatched, you will receive a shipping confirmation email to the email address attached to your order. Once we have dispatched your item and it is in the hands of Australia Post, we no longer hold responsibility for it. If you choose Express Post, please be aware that this does not speed up making time. If you need you order in a rush, you can purchase our Rush Order listing and that will guarantee you order gets pushed to the top of the making list. Please keep in mind during busy periods such as Christmas, Mother's Day, Valentine's Day and sale events, processing and making time can take up to 14 days before your order is shipped. It can then take 5-8 days to arrive to you according to the AusPost website but can sometimes take longer. Please be aware that some rural areas and areas affected by fires/ floods with have postage delays which are out of our control. It is best to contact AusPost before you place your order if your area is affected. Please also be aware that express post is not a rush fee. Your piece will still be made according to our production time, it just means that you parcel will move quicker through the postal service depot. During the busier times of the year such as Christmas, Valentine's Day, Mother's Day, and during our sale periods, these times will be delayed. Please contact us prior to purchase to confirm turn around times. A collection option is available from Wollert, Victoria.
  • Do you accept returns?
    As each piece is custom made, we cannot accept returns .
  • How do I work out my desired length?
    Use a necklace or bracelet your already own and like the length of to figure out which length you would like to order your V & Me piece in. if you require a length not listed, please send us the measurement you would like and we can custom make it for you.
  • I need to ask a question. How do I do this?
    We have a chat button at the bottom left corner on your screen which you can use to contact us otherwise, please send us an email at
  • Can I make changes to my order once it has been placed?
    Please contact us as soon as possible if you wish to make changes to your order. Any cancelled orders within 24 hours will be not be refunded.
  • Who can help me if I am having trouble ordering?
    We have a chat button at the bottom left corner on your screen which you can use to contact us otheriwse please send us an email at
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